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The Sydney Conference Equipment Hire Specialists

Projectorama Audio Visual has become the recognised expert in the seminar and conference domain, where the flawless delivery of extraordinary presentations is an expectation.

Ensuring your conference is memorable for all the right reasons is one of the only reasons you need to contact Projectorama for your next event.

We have carefully gathered together all the right hire equipment for conferences and have the necessary staff experience to ensure all the finer details will have been taken care of, leaving you and your delegates the opportunity to enjoy the full experience of your conference event.

During the initial and thorough consultation process you will be assigned your own and personal project manager who will provide you with the full technical expertise & support to bring your conference ideas to reality.

Our team pride themselves on ensuring they have a full understanding of your requirements and ensures through detailed project management and preparation, that they deliver to beyond your expectations.

All of our conference equipment hire items are meticulously serviced and maintained as well as continually updated.

We would never hire any conference equipment which is outdated technology or does not meet our rigorous standards procedures.

Projectorama are very popular with  conference organisers who gather a number of quotes in preparing their conference budgets. Projectorama also come to the rescue of the conference organisers who find their selected venue has become out of their budget after receiving the quote from the venue’s preferred hire equipment supplier.

Staging Hire Equipment:

Establishing the size of the stage is determined by what is going on the stage.

Projectorama are happy to advise on the most suitable stage size for your event when you provide them with what is going on the stage e.g. lectern, table, chairs, dancers, singers, musical instruments etc.

Projectorama’s stages come with carpeting and black skirting and each stage piece is 2m x 1m in size.

Stage Backdrop Hire

Black draping is  often the choice for stage backdrops and can also be used with Fastfold screens to give a WOW effect.   Suitable lighting onto backdrops can further enhance the appearance of the room.

Prior to your event we ensure that we have the measurements of the room being used so that the equipment can be chosen to fit into the area.

Sound Equipment Hire:

From a presentation with audio effects, a concert, a choir or background music,  to a number of speakers on stage for a panel discussion we have the equipment and knowledge to meet your needs.

Our sound engineers are available during your event to monitor sound levels and guarantee your event runs smoothly.

Visual Equipment Hire:

Depending on the size of your venue and audience we can provide large or small screens onto which you can project.   Also available are LCD and Plasma Screens of various sizes that can be attached to either table or floor mounted stands.

Lighting Equipment Hire:

Lighting can be used in various ways.   It can be used for illuminating a presenter when the rest of the lights are dimmed during a presentation onto a large screen, to providing wash for a full stage, to creating special effects with colour onto your backdrop or the walls of your chosen venue etc.

When it comes to  lighting for entertainment this should be discussed with Projectorama to obtain the effects you require.


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