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Data Projector Hire

When we think of projectors these days, the first type that come to mind are data projectors that are usually used with laptops and which of course can also be used for showing DVDs and Videos.

These are available with front and rear projection capability and depending on the brightness of the projector can be used with large and small screens.

Data Projector Hire SydneyThe distance from the data projector is governed by the lens on the projector.

Standard lenses require the projector to be just under twice the width of the screen away from the screen to cover the full width of its surface.

LED Projector Hire

LED Projector Hire

LED Projector Hire

One of the more recent developments with data projectors to fall into line with a “Greener Future”, is the eco-friendly range of Laser and LED Hybrid Light Source projectors which is world’s first mercury and lamp free illumination technology.

This light source normally lasts 20,000 hours as opposed to the mercury globes which would need to be replaced approximately ten times over this number of hours.

Slide Projector Hire

Other projectors that are also used less often are Kodak or Elmo slide projectors which take the circular slide trays that accommodate up to 80 slides in each tray. These are often used to view slides before they are converted to DVD.

Elmo Carousel slide Projector Hire Slide Projector Hire
Elmo 80 Slide Carousel
Kodak 80 Slide Carousel

Overhead Projector Hire

Overhead projector hire

Overhead Projectors were extremely popular for education and corporate presentations prior to data projectors being used. Overhead Projectors are still being used by some educational and corporate bodies.

Movie Projector Hire

Movie Projector Hire
16mm movie projectors are also still being used in some theatre’s, for education and also for viewing films before they are converted to DVD. 16mm projectors are also popular for showing vintage films in themed events.

Visualiser Hire

Visualiser Hire

Epidiascope or Opaque projectors are less known and have been used for many years. They can be used to project writing on a sheet of paper and small items such as medical instruments to be used by a large or small audience.

The Epidiascope or Opaque projectors have also been used for instance in nursing homes where the teacher placed her hands inside the projector and showed those watching how to crochet.

With today’s technology the Visualiser is currently used in many applications.

However, it does not cover all the functions of the Epidiascope and must be connected to a projector or a monitor.

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