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Lighting Hire

Projectorama Lighting Hire – Specialist in all types of lighting for all types of events

Special Effects & Event Lighting Hire

Event lighting can assist in boosting energy, focus attention and highlight your presenter by providing a dramatic input on the atmosphere of your events. Lighting can also be used for special effects for bands and other stage performances.

Below are the types of lighting we can provide for your event.

Parcan Light Hire

Parcans and LED lights can be used from the floor level to create special effects with constant colours onto a wall or drape, or with changing colours.

They can also be used with “T” stands.

Parcan Light Hire LED Lighting Hire 2 Lights on T Stand for hire
 Parcan Light Hire  LED Light Hire  “T” Stand Mounted
Light Hire

Profile Lights Hire

Profile lights can be used with gobos or as a light to illuminate a presenter and are normally used on a high stand.

Follow Spot Light Hire

Follow spot Light Hire

Follow Spots are normally used to follow a performer as they move across the stage or around the room.

They are also used to follow Award Winners when they are moving from their place in the room up to the stage to receive their Award.

Spotlights are controlled by a spotlight operator who tracks actors around the stage.

Spotlights are most commonly used in concerts, musicals and large scale presentations where highlighting a specific mobile individual is critical.

Fresnel Light Hire

Fresnel light hireFresnel lights frequently have barn doors attached to direct the beam of the lights in a particular direction and often are used to illuminate presenters on a stage.

If there is a screen nearby the barn door on the side near the screen can be partly closed in order to prevent any of the light interfering with the image on the screen.

Intelligent Lighting Hire

Intelligent lighting hireIntelligent Lighting is automated lighting used for special effects.

An automated light, properly called a luminaries, fixture (or sometimes moving head), is a versatile and multi-function instrument designed to replace multiple conventional, non-moving lights.

Depending on the venue and application, automated luminaries can be a versatile and economical addition to a stock of traditional lights because, with proper programming, they can swiftly alter many aspects of their optics, changing the “personality” of the light very quickly.

Lighting is typically pre-programmed and played back using only simple commands, although moving heads can be controlled “live” if the operator is sufficiently experienced.

Fog Machine Hire

Fog machine hireFog machines or smoke machines as they are often referred to are ideal when mixed with special effect lighting to create a dramatic effects for stage performances or parties.

Technicians are available to assist with the installation and operation of your event.

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