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Public Address System Hire

Sydney PA System Hire – Available Today

Projectorama hires a wide range of Public Address Systems (PA systems), Amplifiers and accessories to suite your need.

Starting from portable public address systems through to professional mixing desks.

Projectorama’s technical personnel can tailor audio systems and packages to meet your specific requirements and are always available for a FREE SITE INSPECTION prior to your event.

Our audio engineers can operate our equipment in any venue of your choice (indoor and outdoor) and ensure your event runs smoothly.

PA System Hire

mipro ma808 front back Mipro Portable P.A. Hire system with wheels and Chiayo Portable P.A. with wheels: Powered speaker on stand with inputs for 1 x corded microphone and 1 x cordless microphone with line input/output, inc tape/CD player. AC or battery operated suitable for education, indoor sports coaching, places of worship, corporate presentations and for sprookers in shopping centres. Coverage 50-100 people depending on location and noise levels in the area.
 fenderPD250withstands  Fender Portable P.A. one unit with detachable speakers. The system includes a powerful 4 channel mixer, an inbuilt equaliser with full range speaker cabinets with line inputs and it is available in various powered capacities with speaker stands. It is suitable for many applications, mainly indoor, and has a coverage up to 150 people.
 EV-Portable-PA  EV P.A. System with 8 channel powered mixer and line inputs/outputs. Capacity 300 Watts. Available with 2 or 4 EV speakers and stands, suitable for audiences up to 200 people.
 Dynachord powermate 1600 Dynacord Powermate 1600 P.A. System with powered mixer/amplifier 16 channels 1000 Watt capacity with inputs/outputs, equaliser and can connect up to 6 speakers on stands. Suitable for audiences up to 500 people.
 Silent PA system Hire a Silent P.A. System – Sounds strange, but true. This system can be used when you have an exhibition and various exhibitors are speaking at the same time. Those attending would wear headsets and tune into the channel of whichever exhibitor they wish to listen to at a particular time by the press of a button and selecting the relevant channel. Alternatively this system is used with candidates at a conference where interpreters are present.
Large P.A. System Hire –P.A Systems with analogue/digital passive mixers with various range of amplifier capacities suitable for an audience of 1,000 to 10,000 people combined with high quality speaker systems, including sub-woofers (a subwoofer or a “sub” is a complete loudspeaker which is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass) and foldback speakers available to cover bands and concerts. Our audio engineers can operate our equipment in any venue of your choice (indoor and outdoor) and ensure your event runs smoothly.

Amplifier Hire and Speaker Hire

Peavey IP-8.5c 1100W amplifier Peavey IP 8.5C Power Amplifier – Dual-Channel Power Amplifier, 425 Watts RMS/Channel (4 Ohms), Bridge Mode Operation (850 Watts, 8 Ohms), Patented SPS™ Protection Circuitry, Three Rack Spaces.
gps2600 The Peavey GPS 2600 Power Amplifier adds another new dimension to the Peavey sound technology with this two-rack space power amp trio. The new design elements include toroidal power transformers and die- cast front-panel nameplates. For very large or noisy outdoor venues, multiple amplifiers can be used. The sound quality of the GPS2600 makes it perfect for studio use as well. For any recording or touring musician, Peavey GPS2600 Power Amplifiers are the best that money can buy. With wide range of applications, the new GPS™ power amps are targeted to meet the full spectrum of performance demands.
Peavey Impulse200 300W speakers The lmpulse™ 200 300W Speaker is a two-way, full range speaker system engineered to provide ultra-high performance in a portable, compact weather-resistant package. The enclosure utilizes high impact polypropylene in an injection moulded plastic trapezoidal shape, along with a coated perforated metal grille to offer a cosmetically elegant yet durable system. The two-way system is comprised of a 12″ Black Widow ® woofer (1268) with a Kevlar ™ impregnated cone and a specially – treated surround cone and dust cap for excellent weather resistance.


There are a wide range of p.a. accessories available to suit each individual application and they range from the following:

Microphone Stands For Hire

  • Microphone floor stands with boom arms
  • Microphone floor stands with goosenecks
  • Microphone floor stands suitable for choirs
  • Table microphone stands suitable for panel discussions and various events

Gas Lift Speaker Stands For Hire

gas lift speaker stand hire

Gas Lift Speaker Stands

For Large speakers over 20kg Gas lift speaker stands are also available. These Gas Lift Spaeker stands enable the speakers to be raised into position with ease.

Graphic Equalizer Hire

Behringer Graphic Equalisers. A graphic equaliser is a high-fidelity audio control that allows the user to see graphically and control individually a number of different frequency bands in a stereophonic system.

Multicore Cable Hire

These are an audio cable which contains from 4 to 56 individual shielded pin balanced cables and is designed for mid-level production or permanent installations.

Direct Input Box Hire

Direct Input Boxes are available for instruments and line inputs from various audio devices e.g. laptops, CD players, ipods, iphones etc.

C.D. Player Hire/Recorder Hire

Denon Professional C.D. Players/Recorders

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